Remington 7615

The Remington 7615 is a very popular pump action rifle, its got a smooth action and the build quality is great, the factory finish however does leave alot of room for improvement. Many people are reporting of new rifles having signs of corrosion straight out of the box. This example was no different and you can still see signs of it in uncoated section in the below pic. This owner decided early on they wanted to keep this firearm in excellent condition for many years to come. So very early on had it cerakoated inside and out including every spring, retainer and screw have been taken apart, cleaned, prepared and cerakoated.

It now operates smoother than ever before and rust and corrosion is no-longer a worry.


Remington 7615 Cerakoated 01 Remington 7615 Cerakoated 03

Remington 7615 Cerakoated 02 Cerakote-vs-Factory_Finish