Howa 1500 SS Ultralight

After rebarrelling my Howa 1500 SS ultralight with a Pac-nor chrome molly barrel in 7mm08. I asked Chris at Protective Ceramic Coatings to Cerakote the Barrel and Action in as close to the original Howa Stainless finish as possible.
Chris talked me through the Cerakote process and colour selection and during those discussions Microslicking the bolt was also discussed and agreed upon.
As this rifle is my go to favourite for most of my hunting I wanted it to be extremely durable and low maintenance and after going through the Cerakoting and Mircoslicking process it certainly has turned out just as I’d hoped. The rifle looks just as id asked for and the Microslicked two tone bolt made it really stand out to me as well as making it even smoother to cycle than before.
First trip out with the rifle the Cerakoting took and withstood a real workout, first it went through super dusty conditions then got bashed and bumped around and come out the other side still looking good. After a few days of the dusty conditions then took a turn for the worse and the rain set in and so the Howa got wet, the Cerakote and Microslick really paid for itself there protecting my beloved Howa from conditions which had caused previous blued hunting rifles I’ve owned to get rust marks after just hours of a wet hunt.
This will not be the last rifle from the safe I get Cerakoted and would like to say a huge thanks to Protective Ceramic Coatings for great workmanship, service and advice throughout the process.